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Looks: 10.0 Massage: 9.5

She's more beautiful in person!! So don't waste time when she's available just book her so you wont miss the being with her!! Her availability is very hard to get so if you have a chance i swear you will be the most happy person ever! Thank you for trusting me, Sam. :)

Looks: 0.0 Massage: 0.0

supposed to meet. was asked to make deposit over paypal. i did then she said there is some hold up and told me she sent refund with pictre as evidence however on my paypal there was nothing about refund. i might lost my money but hopefully my lesson will help others to not book her

Looks: 10.0 Massage: 10.0

I've met Scarlett as an outcall. She is very genuine and down to earth girl, you feel at ease and not pressured. Started of by kissing and her taking off my clothes. She laid me on the bed and started to suck my dick, nice and slow licking my balls with occasional deepthroat. We then went 69 and she moaned while i licked and enjoyed that pussy of hers. I then turned her around and fucked doggy hard while grabbing her big ass. She then rode me and we then went missionary. I then tool of the condom and finished in on her face. We had 20 minutes left of the hour and we both freshened up and had a good conversation going.

Looks: 9.5 Massage: 10.0

First time I’ve had an escort and Scarlett did not disappoint, so friendly and got on well right from the start, she knows how to suck a cock. Very genuine girl and knows how to please a man.

Looks: 0.5 Massage: 10.0

She’s a lot fitter than she looks. She should do porn for a living. Louder than you expect to. I have to say I was really impressed she could keep up. I wasn’t the only one there so she must be on red bull or Something cause she was at it all day with the guys. Keep it polite which is easy cause we’re always polite to Mrs T and she will just keep going till your Dick falls off. Just awesome.

Looks: 0.5 Massage: 10.0

Even at her age she is still amazing. She’s really funny and as expected has much more energy in the morning. A little weird as her kids were home but I’m told by my friends that happens all the time she’s not shy and her sons know all about it as most off their friends have had a shot already. Just don’t be rude or she’ll kick you out she doesn’t take shit from people and if she says no she means it. She’s really nice if you just don’t be an ass she will pretty much let you try anything. She’s great.

Looks: 9.5 Massage: 1.5

She likes it rough at times. She'll try most tings except getting tied up given what happened last time I can see why lol. Screams a lot too. Bounces like a water balloon. Most women don't like gangbangs but she seems to be fine with it. If you don't mind old women that a bit chubby she will amaze you. Even with all the boys there she just kept going. Just awesome.

Looks: 9.0 Massage: 10.0

Drawn by her beauty, I couldn't resist her. She is hot and with a friendly disposition. Just thinking about her makes me go wild.

Looks: 0.0 Massage: 0.0

This person has serious negative reviews on various sites as he or she is trying scam people out of money. Fake profile. This site will not remove her!!!

Looks: 9.0 Massage: 9.5

Perfect curves on her body, I liked her round butt and natural breasts. Sam offers a great service. She is very kind but also the naughtiest girl I've ever met. I was really turned on by Sam, she is a very passionate woman and has great sexual skills. I'll become her regular client. See you soon sweetie.

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