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by saulguapo ,   19.04.2021 | 14:17

Pictures of an online model. Not genuine!!

by saulguapo ,   19.04.2021 | 13:39

She's amazing!! Great experience and would def recommend her!!

by paulpotts ,   09.04.2021 | 19:21

Wow you look stunning e-mail me back x

by burnacid82 ,   03.04.2021 | 21:50

She doesn't meet Roumanians. So i wont recomend.

by zeus007 ,   14.03.2021 | 21:39

Free parking was easy to find outside. The price was £120 for a 1h booking. Karla was very friendly and bubbly as soon as I was in the room, singing and dancing to the music she had on. She had a nice sexy body, with smooth tanned skin and a few tattoos. Nice round ass and her tits are a good handful. Her body looks like that of a girl in her early 20’s. Facially, not quite as good as her body and looks about as you’d expect for her age of 32 on the profile. Started the action standing up with her shaking her ass in front on me and stripping off her clothes. After that I lay on the bed and she reached for a condom, so I asked if she can do the blow job without a condom which she was fine with. She positioned herself so I could get a good view in the mirror of her while she knelt down giving the BJ. She didn’t mind me lightly rubbing her pussy while she did this and I could feel her getting nice and wet. After this the condom went on and I enjoyed mish, doggy and reverse cowgirl, all done well. Overall it was good service and it’s a positive, although I wouldn’t say it was anything mind blowing.

by shigrit ,   10.03.2021 | 22:20

hey there sexy, whereabouts in bournemouth?

by bebbyboy ,   08.02.2021 | 17:31

I have emailed Abby twice and had no reply :( Bebby Boy

by freddo11 ,   13.01.2021 | 14:19

more beautiful in real life and what a booty!

by simon994 ,   05.11.2020 | 03:49

Worst experience ever! Dont call her, shes not like the photo, dirty, unfriendly, deosnt let you touch her at all and you make a deal with her about the time period and times of sex for certain amount of money but she taakes the money deosnt commit to that deal.And if you tell her there is a deal between you she calls in a group of romanians who will start fighting you and kick you outside. Worst experience and wanted you guys to know all about it before regretting it like me.

by cartervig ,   27.10.2020 | 13:31

hey Alyshha, i want to try and book you to see if we can arrange something.