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by zedzoey ,   10.05.2020 | 20:03

She is not what you think she is. She is dishonest and takes advantage. Unless you chain her. She took my kindness for weakness, I was arose by her sex phone call but disappointed after our meeting. She took me for a mug

by justme83 ,   25.03.2020 | 21:56

Hi Anitanw I will like very much to spend 1 hour with you...

by craig35 ,   13.03.2020 | 01:53

Hi u ok nice pic u fit xxxxxxxxxxxxx

by alstar05 ,   08.03.2020 | 22:25

Never, EVER make the fundamental mistake of trying to call Katherine while in a bus, where there can sometimes be a lot of unanticipated noise, as you may well find she'll suddenly hang up on you without warning and then ignore you if you try to contact her again!

by amyjohn ,   14.02.2020 | 13:36

Bridgette, you'r amazing lady, I have ever met. You looks pretty in black dress. You are a perfect Birmingham escort. Love You

by deanob ,   17.01.2020 | 23:00

This lady knows what she doing her blowjobs are 10/10 I would go has far has to say she the queen with her mouth her pussy was nice tight and very neat she rid the shit out my cock she was perfect and she taste so well down there

by deanob ,   17.01.2020 | 22:56

I booked this woman from another site was impressed very impressed her body is in real she very sexy and easy on eye she was worth every penny I spent one thing it was like she knew about to shoot my load and it hard to explain must be her tick but I loved it lol

by deanob ,   17.01.2020 | 22:52

This lady is a 10/10 lady I booked her late last year and she was amazing looked special and sexy little eyes she very tidy and neat downstairs lovely legs and she rid and bounced over my cock like champion and I will say she tasted very very nice down there

by deanob ,   07.01.2020 | 09:41

I have booked this beautiful lady in past and she was great so easy to talk to and get along with and she absolutely blew my mind in between in sheets

by deanob ,   07.01.2020 | 00:37

I booked this beautiful lady off another site a while back that you can’t leave reviews on but she absolutely blew my mind she was first class 10 out 10 and easy to talk and get along with one of best experiences I have ever had with a escort