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by johnyy ,   25.04.2019 | 22:11

Verry good, nice party girl. Im verry happy to see her again.

by justme69 ,   09.03.2019 | 20:53

This girl looks and sounds stunning and one day very soon Im gonna suck her pussy for her

by jerid_fuba ,   05.03.2019 | 02:05

Dirty little woman pretty much willing to take it any which way you like. The ugly and unfriendly ones are always the best because you don't feel so bad ploughing it balls deep. She's a super star in every area.

by willy_sands ,   01.03.2019 | 18:38

Leaving the obvious looks behind she is one off the best little pocket rockets I've met in a long time. Once she gets her clothes off and gets going she was riding the sausage like a rodeo..

by ghostrecondude ,   15.02.2019 | 20:44

Takes the lovin up the back ally. Not my first visit with this little milf and wont be my last. Shes loud but not proud and bounces like a fat chick on a pogo stick.

by big_jim_mowbray ,   15.02.2019 | 19:44

Bit off a bulldog but not the worst when it comes to the deed that matters. Big tits always make up for looks and if you go long and hard enough she gets messy and loud.

by franklatto ,   10.01.2019 | 16:48

Awfully nice little lady. A real genuine horny milf. Not going to win any awards for her looks but she'll ride you till your balls are empty. Ticks most off the boxes, Horny, Noisy, Bouncy.

by tamson ,   26.12.2018 | 22:20

Not a looker, bit off a munter but the best sex I've ever had. Awesome tiny woman with huge boobs. Public meeting facing away, best option.

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