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by nahkn76 ,   14.08.2018 | 21:27

Warning to others: Scammer. Avoid at all costs.

by dnutter ,   22.07.2018 | 09:24

Rubbish rushed service charges extra for most services listed. I paid for 1 hour I was in and out of the door in about 25 minutes. Definitely not the woman in the pictures she must be a minimum of 15 to 16 years older than stated in her profile

by mrb1gd1ck ,   05.07.2018 | 18:23

Photo fake. A girl from a distance looks like a girl in a photo. Actually not pretty. The manager is lying. Better not visit this place.

This was my first escort experience. I booked her for a 2 hour outcall during the late morning/early afternoon. She came dressed in jeans, a light pink top and a leather/denim jacket. Even though it was an outcall to a residential area, she could have dressed a little sexier - with a coat to cover up if it was too racy/inappropriate for the day time. She did not dress into anything sexier when she was inside my house. Sexually speaking, I like a woman dressed sexy in order to put me in the mood, and she didn't do this. This was a little bit disappointing, though perhaps this was somewhat my fault for not requesting this. The experience was awful and definitely not value for money. She could obviously tell I was nervous, but did absolutely nothing to help me with that. She didn't take the lead, didn't flirt with me, didn't try to build up some chemistry - literally nothing. We sat in the kitchen with a lot of awkward silences, while she basically just stared at me and answered a few questions I had. I remember asking her what was her best and worst escort experience, and she got really offended when I asked about her worst experience. I was only trying to make conversation because I couldn't think of what to say. I was thoroughly disappointed that she put in no effort to make me feel at ease and build up some sexual chemistry before the sex. She is an experienced escort, I expected a lot more here. It was like she had already decided she didn't like me, so she was going to put in zero effort. At this point, we went upstairs. We sat on the bed awkwardly for a while, before beginning with foreplay (kissing). During foreplay, I politely asked her if she could be a little bit more gentle with rubbing my dick (she was rubbing it pretty hard and it was hurting me). It was a fairly simple request but she got very offended by it. I'm not sure why. I hadn't shaved my face for a few days. This was because I thought many women would like some facial hair. However, she kept pushing my chin away when kissing because my facial hair was hurting her. This was a legitimate mistake on my part and next time, I will be clean shaven before I kiss any woman. When we were on the bed, I tried turning her over and she got really offended by that as well, forcefully saying "maybe you should tell me what you want to do". I wasn't man-handling her or being forceful. It really wasn't a big issue at all, but she made it into one. After about 20 minutes, she said she couldn't continue because it was the most awkward she had ever felt during sex (I barely had an erection at this point). I said that I had paid for this, but she told me that if she doesn't feel comfortable, she can refuse to do anything. This was all because I was feeling nervous. Although she claims it was because I had a "poor attitude". Still to this day, I have no clue what I did wrong. I wasn't rude or impolite, I didn't force her into anything, I didn't physically hurt her. One final point - she thinks I'm a virgin. Even though I've had sex with 2 girls prior to her. I may have come across like I'm a virgin, but I'm not a virgin. Later on, I found out she has a policy of no sex with virgins (how exactly do you prove you've had sex before? lol) Overall, it was an awful experience. My negative experience appears to be the only one online I can find for her (the other reviewers are all positive, although I am always suspicious that some escorts delete negative reviews because it is bad for their business and reputation). It was a complete waste of £320. Anyone reading this - please save your money and visit another escort. I was thoroughly disappointed and I really hope not all escorts are like this.

by faruk35 ,   19.03.2018 | 23:04

Nice body touch with the baby shower

by cubix_member ,   13.11.2017 | 14:09

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by taylor0122 ,   01.11.2017 | 02:50

Your look more and more sexy, simply drive me crazy. You are an angle with a dark side. See you again sweetheart.

by freddy55 ,   20.10.2017 | 12:10

Had a great time with Allyson recently Ian

by freddy55 ,   18.10.2017 | 16:05

Spent an hour with Allyson last week she was stunning and every bit as beautiful as her pictures, very attentive and I did not feel rushed in any way would definitely like to see her again .Ian

by anthonyg ,   18.09.2017 | 19:28

I wish she would write back. I have tried to contact her so many times and have never had any luck. I keep trying hoping one day she might be free to write back to me.

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