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I am the lady who will fulfill your desires. I provide a bespoke experience for gentlemen in need of a luxury rendezvous. You are probably well established and successful in your field, but with little time, normal dating is simply not suitable for a man less ordinary or perhaps you crave the affection and excitement from a lady who can keep you on your toes. My warm and upbeat nature makes me best suited for this type of gentlemen. I have a strong sexual appetite and never turn down an opportunity to explore new fantasies. My love language is physical touch, so do expect to  be spoilt with all the affection you deserve, from sensual massages to subtle flirting across the dinner table.  I am very feminine and have stunning features which I attribute to good genetics and an active lifestyle. I have soft golden brown skin, almond shaped eyes, full plumped lips, clear skin and a smile that you will remember. I take pride in my appearance so you will always get the best version of me; mani-pedi, styled hair, a sculpted body and peachy bum that looks immaculate in a fitted dress. There is no doubt that I would look great by your side as an arm candy, but there is more to me than that. I am well-spoken and have a sharp mind that  granted me a place at a top university, along with interests in topics that make engaging conversations for our date. I  have a whole hearted life that is filled with sports, work, academia, my personal passions and discovering beautiful places with even better company. It is for this reason I choose to spend my limited time as a companion with well articulated gentlemen who value the company of an all rounded woman. If this is you, then I would love to meet you.  I have one rule: To live a fulfilled life, because it is just too short to waste on anything else. It should consist of laughter, the occasional moan about the weather ( my fellow brits will agree) and memories that give us a warm feeling.  A feeling you will discover with me. Until then. Bella  - Your secret escape

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