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Hey my name is Linda xx thanks you visit my page! I really do love what I do...yes, I know how much I enjoy the ... I'm friendly, polite, easy to get along with and will put you at ease immediately... I am so horny and waiting for you to pleasure me more. You know my number xx

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I offer all newbies a spec off of 10 percent :) This is available for a stay of at least 30 minutes Pls always let me know with enough notice whenever you want to see me. Anticipation is always sexy ;) Mainly because I cant provide the classic, sequential service. It's not for me, sorry. IMPORTANTMy 15 mins offer is 20 mins in a reality, however, I can't offer this for the very 1st meeting, as this would be a bit impersonal. To me, there is a difference between making love and having sex. If you like to be a little bit harsh, then I'm afraid, we are not compatible with each other. We all have different senses of sexuality mine is about affections, to give and obtain mutual pleasure***The most salubrious service, spotless flat, with a sweet, friendly, accommodative lady. Dear Gents,Thanks for taking the time to read my short detail. ABOUT ME1st of all, I do believe, that love doesn't have colour, so nice to meet you if you are kind, gentle, polite, [b]whatever is your ethnicity Especially welcome here if you are an Indian :) I'm the product of two passionate countries as I'm half Italian and half Hungarian. So cum and sample the exquisite passion that only such an erotic combination can provide.I'm TALL, WITH EXTRA LONG LEGS. My eyes are expressive grey, my tits are natural with sexy, roundish nipples. I'm well educated with many degrees, (inc. psychology), yet, I can't use either of them in the UK without several special exams. Momentarily it's not a problem, as I really enjoy that my sexuality is finally perfect (after 2 divorcing). I can easily tolerate our different types of behaviours, except impoliteness or a toxic personality.So please trust me, you can be yourself during our session even though you might be a bit shy before a 1st visit. So I :) It's a normal human emotion. In this case, we will have a short phone chat before you'd visit me.HOW WILL YOU KNOW THAT I'm YOUR LADY or NOT? * I do believe that sex is the best play between two persons. Our meeting is just like a special kind of one-night stand. Both of us will feel a sexy wishfulness before you visit me. Then both of us will feel thirstiness for each other's touch.... Then.... Our session will be for bout both of us pleasure based on our mutual passionate wishes. I love to give and get many cuddles and kisses, then relax for a while on your shoulder :) * You are welcome if you are between 23 and 75. Well, 75 doesn't mean that you are 80 but acting 58. :) Do believe me: our ages are visible ;)* I can be your lady if you let me enjoy your personality as well your love, cuddle, chest by chest touching with eye to eye contact. I do believe that a perfect session is based on our personality 1st of all. * Whatever happens between us, it goes only in a salubrious way. I DO AVOID every dangerous situation for example CIM, FACIAL, or touching my pussy with your Big Boss, without a condom. (Just try to imagine what may contain the mouth or stomach of ladies who swallow everyone's cum. (On the other hand this might be sexy&tasty for some of you, I know. But it's dangerous.) :) Especially if you have family or children, pls look after them or me as well.) * Obviously you can have your shower if you want, in a separated, nice and clean bathroom, with disinfected and snow-white towels.REQUESTSI know, that you want to come immediately. I know well :))))) Totally understand. But please try to give me at LEAST 30-40 mins' notice. I like to get prepared either mentally or physically. Anyway. Quality is the most important, not quantity, isn't it? :)If you'd love to enjoy our passionate time just ring or txt me. If I couldn't pick up cos I'm at my 'normal' work, busy, or I', out, just drop me a txt message. I'll reply ASAP. Then what happens? Well, it's up to our fantasy. :)*****I DON'T HAVE EXTRAS AT ALL*****MY LOCATION My home is a few steps away from Harrow on the Hill Station. I'm INDEPENDENT like to live by myself :) Parking is easy by my house anytime.Thank you for staying with me until this line.Cheers, and have a sexy day ;)xxx Sarah

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