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Do you ever look at mens magazines and fantasise about demure and pretty models with really great figures and wish that you could fondle them in private? I look just like a glamour girl who is also one of the top Asian escorts in London. My breasts are rose pink and perfect to squeeze and suck on; does that make you throb and want to burst? Book me tonight and I will be your Asian DFK escort wet dream come true.

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London escorts

Would you like to put your hand inside my dress and squeeze my beautiful pert breasts? You could take off my bra and kiss my sweet pink nipples if you wanted to; I just love men to do that. I could undress and model my lingerie for you or sit on your lap and kiss you longingly on the mouth, does that sound like an Oriental escort in London you would like to meet?! Im sure the rest would follow quite naturally for us both, could I be your Oriental elite escort dream come true?

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