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  8 MILES FROM J.23 / 4 MILES FROM LOUGHBOROUGH / 6 MILES FROM LEICESTER - NON SMOKER       RELIABLE, CLEAN 5 STAR *ENGLISH* ESCORT 37 - near LOUGHBOROUGH       LUXURY DETACHED COTTAGE - ASK FOR PICS, ATTRACTIVE RESIDENCE.   Hello there!   It's genuinely nice to meet you!   Sincere greetings, & a very warm welcome to my very diverse profile... Thanks for stopping by.... So - my name is Joe Tuck, 37, very sanitary, healthy, fit & clean, & now A WELL ESTABLISHED & POPULAR GAY ESCORT IN THE MIDLANDS near LOUGBOROUGH. I consider myself a very "switched on", charismatic, intelligent, Intellectual,  friendly & inviting guy, who never lets clients down. (White British), between Loughborough/Leicester. I'm great in bed as I dislike mechanical sex. I embrace body contact, & deep TONGUE ON TONGUE PASSIONATE kissing. Top only, but we can do anything you require sexually, within reason.    And I Surpass Conventional Discretion! What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom!!   Please WhatsApp me & advise exactly what you require sexually. I like to build up a picture of how to make *YOU* content; & ensure I *GET IT RIGHT* for *YOU*. (That's my motto, by the way - "I Want To GET IT RIGHT). My reputation is of a high calibre & its essential I maintain that.     Drive on over to my luxury, *PRIVATE*, warm, detached cottage in a small locale outside Loughborough, and let me be your "Dirty Little Secret" [hidden away in your phone]...... Free Parking / Private Hot Shower/Bath/Fresh Towels/Central Heating/ MASSIVE-KING-SIZE-BED so we can get comfy, Personal & Intimate, Condoms, Lube, Poppers, WiFi, All *PRIVATE* amenities - *YOU WILL NOT BE SEEN* by anyone! **I PROMISE YOU!** You will be visiting a luxury cottage that shall become YOUR "Home-From-Home" for your sexual journey with me, (NOT some "Terrifying FREEZING Basement Flat"! Oh, Yes, I hear all the APPALLING horror stories from my clients, so don't worry, I am not some ignorant "rent-boy-type" with a grotty mattress in a sinister tower-block). You have my word of honour that I will take care of you, & give you that Premium, Business-Class Service from Start to Finish. You are paying for a service & therefore its up to ME to achieve my target & get the service TAILORED for your NEEDS! This is *YOUR* TIME to have that sexual voyage; & expedition that YOU'VE WISHED to experience sexually with another man. You may have waited years-&-years for this, (and I am fully aware of that fact, & understand how challenging, and nerve-wracking it can be for you, especially when the moment arrives when you're walking to my front door).     I have many clients saying they have read my profile 20 or 30 times, over several months before they get the courage to pick up the phone... Now why would you be so scared? Its only me, I am only human you know... I always do my very best to create & achieve a memorable encounter for you. Please, please  do not be scared.       A FEW BASIC FACTS: NEGATIVE, CLEAN & on DAILY PrEP / HPV & HEP B VACCINATED FOR ULTIMATE SEXUAL HEALTH SAFETY / PROOF AVAILABLE/ TESTED FORTNIGHTLY!       TESTED: 19, FEB 2020, & *ALL CLEAR*       CLIENT-EYE MEMBER: Time-Wasters / No-Shows / PRANK CALLS / Abusive Bullies, get reported via CLIENT-EYE APP in order to protect Genuine Clients & me.       I Keep Being Told By Clients: "I've been looking at your profile for 6 months Joe, & only just plucked up the courage today to visit"..... I Really Don't Understand This? Why wait that long?       IMPORTANT Pro Tip: A Nominal Bank Transfer / PayPal Advance, (amount of Your Own Choosing) **ASSURES/SECURES** Your Booking. It *PROVES TO ME* You're GENUINE. You KNOW I'm Genuine, But I have NO IDEA Whether You Are? (NO DISRESPECT). It simply Means I'm More Likely To Accept The booking. Its UNBELIEVABLY FRUSTRATING for me to get ready & then nobody shows up. This is a flaky business, & I have to FIGURE OUT who are the Timewasters, & WHO are the genuine clients!??? (If I get the SLIGHTEST vibe you are not genuine, then I tend to not bother getting ready you see).      I Accommodate In A Very Peaceful, Discreet Cottage, Where Your Privacy, Discretion & Anonymity, Is 100% Guaranteed, & You WILL NOT Be Seen By Anyone, this is my greatest asset, the exceptional PRIVACY I am able to grant you. I Am Very Kind, Courteous with impeccable manners & I Expect This Same Degree Of Respect, Politeness & friendliness from all Clients. I always say it's, NOT the clients who pay me the most money; Nor the best looking ones I admire. It's the clients who make me laugh & have a genuinely great time with that I look forward to seeing on a regular basis. Your age and looks are of *NO* consequence.      *I NEVER JUDGE/THERE'S NO FEAR OF REJECTION*: I see ALL Types of Men, [Especially] First-Timers, Who I Am Gentle, Considerate & Patient With. Men Trapped In Sexless Relationships (They STILL Love The Wife But Cannot Make-Love due to illness). Men who've had their Confidence Knocked / Married / Divorced / Fathers / Bi-Guys / Professionals / Workers of all Grades /Gay Guys Wanting To Explore / Men Bored With Porn / Men With Erection Issues / Older Men / Larger, Chubbier Men / Catholic Men / Men of The Church / Men Worried About Penis Size / Diabetic Men / Men With ill Partners / Disabled Men / Men in the "Public Eye" (I've signed Disclaimer Contracts) / Men with Limbs Missing / Men with Multiple Sclerosis / Geeky Guys / Trans Guys / T.V's / Transvestites / Cross Dessers / Men with "body issues" in this social-media era of the "So Called" Perfect Body. So Please DO NOT WORRY. (As Long As You Are Courteous, clean & Polite, I WILL LIKE YOU).   From Me, You WILL Receive 100% DISCRETION, LOYALTY, RESPECT, POLITENESS, ANONYMITY, and a Cheery Smile. (I Will ***NEVER*** Ring You. ***NOT EVER!!*** You Must Always Ring or text Me - ******AND THAT IS MY AFFIRMED GUARANTEE****....    "HEY! SO, WHAT IS AVAILABLE JOE?" ????????   DEEP INTIMATE KISSING / FRENCH KISSING / TONGUE-ON-TONGUE / ROMANTIC KISSING   BODY MASSAGE / HEAD MASSAGE   BODY CONTACT / SENSUALITY / DEEP PASSION.... / EYE TO EYE CONTACT....   CUDDLING - HUGGING - STROKING   FROTTAGE [HIGHLY INTIMATE PENIS-TO-PENIS STIMULATION] (OUR COCKS CARESSING TOGETHER)   GETTING TO KNOW YOU AS A GENUINE FRIEND & NOT JUST AS A "CLIENT"   VERY SWEET PRE-CUM SHARING MOUTH TO MOUTH (& PLENTY OF IT   DEEP, INTIMATE, CUM/PRE-''CUM-KISSING'', BACK & FORTH, FROM MOUTH-TO-MOUTH   LENGTHY DEEP-THROATING (ME GIVING IT TO YOU) - (I CAN MAKE YOU CHOKE or GAG or RETCH IF REQUIRED?)   NIPPLE PLAY [OR NIPPLE TORTURE] -- NIPPLE PULLING/TWISTING... NIPPLE SQUEEEEEZING!!!   CUM IN MOUTH (Either Way) -- LET ME SPURT & FEED YOU MY CREAMY WHITE LOAD INTO YOUR MOUTH   DOMINATION   CHILLING OUT IN BED TOGETHER, WANKING TOGETHER & EXPLORING & KISSING   ORAL BOTHWAYS -- A GOOD INTIMATE 69   DEEP MAN-2-MAN PASSION   FUCKING IN MANY POSITIONS - I AM TOP ONLY (Bareback Or With Condom)   I ALWAYS SHOWER 15 MINS BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL SO I SMELL FRESH 'N GOOD!   TANTRIC ANAL MASSAGE - ME TO YOU. (LET ME FINGER YOU & FIND YOUR PROSTATE!! Mmmmm)   HAND RELIEF - LET ME WANK THAT SPUNK OUTTA YOUR BALLS!   ORAL RELIEF - WANNA FILL UP MY MOUTH WITH YOUR CREAM?? GO FOR IT BUDDY!!   PROPER LOVEMAKING - SENSUALITY - AS IF WE WERE REAL BOYFRIENDS?? YEAH???   BF - BOYFRIEND EXPERIENCE - LOTS OF LOVE AND WHISPERS...     I HAVE: BODY MASSAGE OILS - CONDOMS - "LIQUID-SILK-LUBE" (i.e THE BEST) -   CUM PLAY / CUM OVER FACE (I OOOOZE LOADS OF PRE-CUM). DO YOU WANT ME TO BUKAKKE YOU & SPUNK ALL OVER YOU!?   VERY COMFORTABLE MASSIVE KING SIZE BED - LETS JUST RELAX INTO IT TOGETHER!!   DEEP FISTING FOR AS LONG AS YOU LIKE, I AM PATIENT WITH YOU.. DEEP EXPLORATION OF YOUR ASS.   TICKLING - DO YOU WANT ME TO FIND YOUR TICKLISH ZONES? HUH?   CLIENTS OWN EN-SUITE WITH PRIVATE POWER-SHOWER/SINK/TOILET. (DETTOL SOAP & SHAMPOO'S etc)   I SWITCH MY PHONE TO "SILENT" AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE; SO WE ARE NOT DISTURBED   DEGREE IN ENGLISH THEREFORE OUTSTANDING COMMUNICATION SKILLS   T.V's ARE VERY WELCOME! DON'T BE SHY NOW PRETTY LITTLE SLUT GIRLS! / OR DID YOU WANT TO BE A "GOOD GIRL" TO ME??  JUST LET ME KNOW -- PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN DRESS ATTIRE -- I LOVE SILKY PANTIES!   IF I VISIT YOUR HOTEL, I BRING THE LUBE & OIL & NECESSARY ITEMS IN MY ESCORT BAG   COCK & BALL TORTURE, (Ask For My Lengthy List, e.g clamps)   **FUCKING YOU** (SEE LIST)   {ONLY FOR *CLEAN* DOUCHED MEN}   FUCK SUGGESTIONS   FROM BEHIND (DOGGY) YOU BEND OVER!!!     LIE ON YOUR BACK, PILLOW UNDER ASS, KNEES IN AIR - I GRIP YOUR ANKLES HARD - & EASE ON UP YOU......     (BACK-SHOT) - SPOONING FROM BEHIND     (TWIST) - LAY ON BACK, ASS HANGING OVER EDGE, (I GRIP YOUR LEGS & TWIST U FROM SIDE2SIDE... THAT WAY, MY COCK EXPLORES MORE ASS...     LIE DOWN ON MY BACK... YOU SIMPLY SLOWLY SIT DOWN ON MY COCK! AND I FUCK YOUR MANCUNT     THE ULTIMATE!! - TOTALLY 100% RAW & BB = [Additional Fee Will Apply]   Hey -- If you desire it -- don't be afraid to ask for it, I am Negative/Clean & on daily PrEP.   FEES: 30 mins = £120    (no anal for only this price) 1 Hour = £160 90 Mins = £200 2 Hours = £250 3 Hours = £350 4 Hours = £450   I accept Cash / Bank Transfer / PayPal   My Code is -- RED - AMBER - GREEN:RED - means: STOP NOW!!!AMBER - means: - SLOW DOWN JOE!!GREEN - means: --- Hey Joe, I'm enjoying this - carry on!!! Yeah!   So Long As You are **VERY CLEAN**, Have Good Manners, you are polite, & You Like Cock, & You LOVE PASSION, We Will DEFINITELY Make A Good Combination.. ROLE-PLAY [e.g...... -- AMAZON-DELIVERY-GUY & CUSTOMER ---BOSS/EMPLOYEE -- SIR/SUB -- DOCTOR/PATIENT ---- TEACHER/STUDENT --  / PRIEST/SINNER... Or *YOU* can even be MY WHORE!!! etc. etc...]       BEST WAY TO CATCH MY ATTENTION     **ALWAYS ALWAYS** Open TEXT with "WHEN/WHAT" you want, & "HOW LONG" you require. I ONLY WANT PROFESSIONAL, TO-THE-POINT-BOOKINGS! I won't waste your time if you don't waste mine. I'M NOW WELL ESTABLISHED   I NEVER REPLY TO TEXTS SAYING JUST: "Hi""     Hmmmm, What do I do next Joe? How does all of this escort malarky work?? I'm a bit apprehensive & mega scared... I want to meet you so badly, but I'm just too anxious......." First of all, PLEASE don't be scared or anxious. Life's way too short! The first thing is to Text or WhatsApp me, (I prefer WhatsApp). Tell me in intricate detail exactly what you require sexually & intimately; how much time you wish to stay with me; & how I can "GET IT RIGHT" for you! Don't leave out details please, as that's like ordering from a menu, but worrying the waiter will think you're greedy! I implore you to TELL ME what is happening, so on-the-day I know what I am supposed to be doing. **DO NOT** forget to advise me *WHERE YOU ARE TRAVELLING FROM* so I can gauge what time you'll arrive. I live SLAP BANG in the middle of the UK, so get clients travelling to me from VERY far afield, I don't mind if you're late, so don't stress, your safety is of more importance... If I am to be fucking you then try to douche, & be clean, but DON'T over-think it and let it ruin our experience. I get SO many clients saying "I'm SO worried about not being clean enough!".... I always say: "Hey, Just do your best"...   I **ONLY** work Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, or Sunday Nights 8pm-10pm. I never answer the phone late as its inevitably drunks ringing for a quick wank, so I switch to silent at night. Hence why I only work daytimes as a rule. For my rapidly increasing group of phenomenal Regulars I'm prepared to bend my rules & be more flexible. PLEASE NOTE: It is not essential that I fuck you on our first meet. A lot of my clients don't like it, & want other sexual fantasies. DO NOT feel pressurised into doing something you are scared of, or are in any way apprehensive about. I get loads of clients who tell me to STOP when I am halfway inside them. Its cool, its NOTHING to be ashamed of. I am used to it guys! (We can always just try Tantric to begin with?) Or I can deeeeply fuck your mouth! (The record so far is 70 mins for DEEP-THROATING!! )...       OUT-CALLSRARELY DO THEM, HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE - [UNLESS WE'VE MET BEFORE]; FOR ALL "OUT-CALLS" I REQUIRE **HALF** MY FEE PAYING VIA BANK-TRANSFER BEFORE I SET OUT, (AS PROOF YOU'RE GENUINE OTHERWISE, SORRY, IT AIN'T HAPPENING!!) NO EXCEPTIONS. THANKS. JOE .     ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTARY SECTION: FOR THOSE INTERESTED, CURIOUS CLIENTS: [FEBRUARY 2020]   Hey Guys....So if you've made it this far, then wow, good for you. I've found that many clients say to me they like to "read up" in advance, & do research on the escort [me] before travel & expenditure, esp if they're travelling a distance, so I apologise in advance about the [BANG-BANG-BANG] "Bullet Points section" above attendant to what I offer sexually, but busy businessmen types, in a rush, ONLY want to read that section.     So a few more considerate and warmhearted words about me, myself, & my service etc. I really am passionate about what I do. I am an escort who loves his job. With me, you will NEVER be treated as if you are just the "Next Job" -- i.e. to be dealt with quickly, make you "cum quick" & then off you go, I want to get good reviews so I am not like that.....       I am a "people person" (as well as enjoying Sex & Love immensely), therefore I always try to get to know my clients on a personal, intimate & human basis, many becoming very good friends who keep in touch every month, if that's what they want. I also limit my lifestyle choices to ***ONLY ONE JOB PER DAY!**** a maximum of approx 4 per week as HOW on earth can you give quality otherwise? These escorts who do tours? I TRULY don't know how they can give any quality, because its LITERALLY: "One in - one out!" -- then "YEAH NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!? "... When I meet someone it is an exciting date (FOR ME TOO)!!   I enjoy listening to you. I enjoy hearing about your life, your troubles, your challenges, your partner/wife/children/dogs/cats &/or anything else that might be troubling you or worrying you? Also, as per above (on my bullet-points section) I PREFER clients who are SPECIFIC about what they want sexually (as I'm not mind-reader you see). I am just a normal guy, I have No Tattoo's, No body piercing's anywhere, Clean Shaven, & Natural Appearance; i.e not some Muscle-Geek, (I like to run to keep fit).       I prefer a telephone call but I realise in this day & age WhatsApp'ing is far easier, so either WhatsApp, or a call is fine, & please don't be embarrassed to advise what you want sexually, & please be **BRAVE**, (I know what a big step it is for you to contact me, & that you are scared, & anxious, but once you hear my voice, you'll be fine, so I do admire your bravery ) . I will always send my face-pic so you can decide if I'm your type or not? The most common story I hear is that you no longer have sex with your wife. Or if you do, its only twice per year. And this leads to such sexual frustration.       What I'm trying to say is that WHATEVER **YOUR** individual circumstance, please don't feel "ashamed" or "belittled" or "Embarrassed" or "DE-VALUED" as I will offer you a friendly ear, & advice, (if you want advice).. Every single client I see has various "issues" & no matter what YOUR issue is, I truly NEVER Judge!! Be re-assured that you are coming to a private, discreet, safe, clean, tidy, smoke-free, deluxe environment, with every amenity you need to hand, & nobody else inside the property except you and I. Free car parking, king-size bed, warm & spacious, with en-suite shower. (I will send you bedroom/bathroom pics as testament you shall be visiting a superior locale). I do not just meet anyone. I turn a lot of jobs down if the client sounds "weird/creepy/drunk", or "scary",. I can always tell now who the timewasters are, it has become second nature.       Sexually we can do anything you like, within reason, (I do not do scat or blood or anything dangerous or creepy). I *do* offer [giving] bareback with a few select clients but please be advised that this has been after lengthy consultations at Sexual Health. I am on daily PrEP (the safe-sex pill), I am Heb B vaccinated, HPV vaccinated, I NEVER allow anyone to fuck *me*, so nobody's cum EVER goes up my ass, or inside my body. 90% of the time I wear a condom anyway. I am also tested every 4 weeks at Haymarket Sexual Health.       I enjoy being healthy, and being both physically & mentally fit. I go running every day for one hour or so, and I clock up about 70K each week. I attend the gym and the pool, and attend the gym 3 times per week. (Random Hidden Easter Egg , IF YOU RING/TEXT ME & QUOTE "JURASSIC PARK" I will know you are genuine & have ACTUALLY READ THIS) HA HA! SEE HOW CRAFTY I AM GUYS!!!! I ONLY WANT THE NICE GUYS!) So, erm, yeah I love running! Get through loads of running shoes!!   I do not smoke or drink. (Who wants a hangover the next day? Seriously!) I am not vegetarian but am seriously thinking about it. I ALWAYS have a good 20 minute HOT shower when you are 40 minutes away from me, and am very particular about hygiene. The last thing I do when you message me to say you are 5 minutes away is to brush my teeth, scrub my tongue, & use mouthwash so that first kiss we share will be passionate, clean & minty!A lot of clients say to me: "I do want YOU to enjoy it too Joe, its important that you do".... & I love it when they say that because it means they care. And it puts me at ease, & then I know we are going to make a good combination. As my Escort Career gradually moves forward I am now leaning towards meeting more of the professional guys who enjoy passion, kissing, intimacy, slow wanking, oral, lots of body contact, lots of stroking, and foreplay,. It really gets me going and it produces ALL of that heavy pre-cum that you see in my pics! If I lie there, & you gently stroke my chest while kissing me, I will ooze pre-cum for you like a volcano. It finally gets me SOO wild, I have to FUCK YOU!    If you are a first-timer, please don't stress, we can sit & have a coffee and a chat before we go upstairs, I am a very good listener, and remember, I am English/British, so our communication between each other with be top notch. {I will add more to this section as and when I think of it}     **DISABLED CLIENTS...**[New Update 10th FEB 2020....]So today I met my very first Disabled Client. It was an awesome, profound, AMAZING experience. He was a lovely, attractive, fit, guy, (49), who drove all the way from Cambridge. So over 1.5 hours. Lets call him "Tim". He was telling me how challenging it was for him, (as a human-being with only 1 working arm), to find gay sexual encounters. He told me horrible stories of when attending Gay Sauna's he was shunned, ignored, & "cast out" by all the other gay guys. I was horrified! He told me how hard it was for him to find an escort. He'd had a road traffic accident 10 years prior, & totally lost the use of his right arm. It didn't move at all, he had no feeling in it, all the nerves severed. He said he had chosen me because my profile states: "No Judgement & No Fear Of Rejection". I was honoured to meet him, & also that he drove over 1.5 hours to meet me! We had an awesome time, kissing & having sex, & his arm did not phase me in the slightest. I wanted to MAKE UP for the 3 years he had gone without any sex so I gave him AN EXTRA SPECIAL FUCKING!! So I will just say to any other potential disabled clients, do NOT allow your disablement to define YOU. You are a beautiful Human Being with or without your disablement! So long as you can drive over to me, and get up a 20 centimetre step into the house it should be fine. If you can't get upstairs, then so what!!! We can get down 'n dirty downstairs; its fine by me   .Joe Tuck ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~       5 Star Escort Joe / Best In The Midlands /        

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Leicester escorts

Hot Mediterranean guy hereIf you are looking to experience a professional service probably the best one of your life come and try me.Im very good at what I do and I can guarantee that your will be satisfied whatever service type you choose.Here handsome professional and experienced Mediterranean guy for you.Text me Im for you.Im available evening after 6pm till late Just female and couples welcome.


Leicester escorts

Get in touch for no strings . Fun loving I love to treat a sexy lady right. Dance the night away laugh out loud. Up for no strings attachments. Im your man xx dont scroll past cause you aint going to regret putting them fingers on my buttons xx 

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